Nov 29, 2008


So once again we have been away from the updates. Well we are moving, relocating to not only another town but a whole other state. So for the next two weeks we will be packing up the place and will have to put all our focus on the move. But we have a lot of ideas that will be coming with the new place and the new year! Check back for updates soon.

& The Littlecrow Family

Nov 21, 2008

All Button'd Up.

Have been away for a long while. I have been working on a side project to support the family as this collection of goods is still growing and not yet to a place were it is the only provider. (Soon, I hope) Unfortunately the project I was building had been put on hold via the powers that be. So now I have all the time of the day to refocus and make this happen.

Before the above mentioned project came into our life we had just finished our first woven shirt sample. A 100% cotton, size 2T woven shirt.

Front view.
Inside neck label detail.

Bottom hem label detail.
Back view.
Split back yoke.
Well, since there is no more distractions on my side of things we hope to begin production very soon. We can not wait to get these out into the market.

Mr. Ray &
The Littlecrow Family