Mar 5, 2009

Slow & Steady Keeps You in The Race.

Yes the light is still on.
It has been quite a long time since our last post here at 'The Littlecrow Collection' and we do apologize for the lack of updates. It seams that 'Mr.Ray' has been kept very busy away from us here because he is in the process of building up his other work to try and convince the powers that be at a large 'Corprate' apparel company in the Pacific Northwest that he is the man for them and they need him as their designer. This will be a great blessing for him and our family as it will give us a chance to settle down into our own place again as well as have a little more expendible income that will help us in supporting our endevers here. The only big down side of full time employment is it will take more time away from building our goods here....
Please if any of you are left out there who check our posts here keep us in your prayers, or thoughts, or whatever you do to wish people well. Thank you from all of us. And once a decision has been made and we get settled into a good routine again we promis to stay on top of the posting here as well as producing and building heaps more goods.
Cheers & Best Regards,
& the 'Littlecrow' Family

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