Jul 21, 2009

Get The Rust Out.

It has been a very long time since 'Mr.Ray' Busted out the 'ol shears and chopped up a nice men's necktie to be built into a kids adjustable necktie.
Well, this weekend 'Mrs.P' went out garage sale hopping and came across a few good specimens that needed to have a little TLC and a breath of new life blown into them. So let's follow along as 'Mr.Ray' does just that.

The Goods in question.

Split them open and pull out the insides.

Lay out a new pattern and snip snip.

Pin it up and give it a nice stitch'n.

Wrap the new cut n' sewn pieces together.

A nice 'New' necktie for the wee ones.

Oh and don't forget the label.
All done...

& the Littlecrow Family.


A TIME TO GET said...

Too good, man. Nope, got little ones to buy these for, but they make me want to at least think about it... okay, I thought about it. Sorry, still no.

A TIME TO GET said...

sorry... got NO little ones...